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quality restaurant ballater
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quality restaurant ballater
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11 - 17 May Royal Deeside Golf Week A full programme of golfing and golf tuition with entertainment every evening. The course boasts one of the most spectacular settings in Scotland, lying as it does in the shadow of Lochnagar. Ballater Golf Club Tel. 013397 55567 e-mail:sec@ballatergolfclub.co.uk www.ballatergolfclub.co.uk 10 May Compaq/BUPA Road Races & Great Caledonian Run This popular event, which will be televised by Grandstand, will take place again this year, on Balmoral Estate. Those wishing to participate, or requiring further information, are invited to contact NOVA International. Tel. 0191 402 0016 www.onrunning.com

24 - 30 May Royal Deeside Walking Week 6th Year! Based in Ballater, Royal Deeside - a week of conducted walks for all abilities, including audited rambles suitable for wheelchair/scooter through stunning countryside. Free entertainment every evening. Contact Bell Macaulay, Ballater (RD) Ltd Tel. 013397 55467 E-mail:info@royal-deeside.org.uk 9 - 17 Aug Victoria Week A week of fun for all the family - Parades, Concerts, Music, Dancing, Hilltop Safaris, famous Futtret Fair, full children's programme and much, much more! Contact Bell Macaulay. Tel. 013397 55467 E-mail:info@royal-deeside.org.uk To Victoria Week Web Page

14 Aug Ballater Highland Games A traditional Highland Games held in the magnificent setting of Monaltrie Park, includes a gruelling Hill Race and all the heavy events, dancing and piping. Followed in the evening by a Scottish dance and concert. Contact Edward Anderson. Tel. 013397 55771 16 - 17 Aug Ballater Horticultural Society Annual Show Contact Alec Copland. Tel. 013397 56116 Winter Ballater Horticultural Society Monthly Contact Alec Copland. Tel. 013397 56116 Winter Upper Deeside Music Held one Sunday per month at the Darroch Learg Hotel, this varied programme of classical music features visiting artistes Contact Angus Davidson. Tel. 013397 55177 Winter Old Time Dancing Fortnightly Contact Alec Copland. Tel. 013397 56116 The Victorian Heritage Trail highlights some of the attractions in the area associated with Queen Victoria and subsequent British monarchs while winding its way from the Mearns over the Grampian Mountains to Ballater and beyond. Beverley Tricker, of Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board, said the success of the film Mrs Brown helped spark even more interest in Deeside although the Royal Family have always been the major attraction.

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Explanation of Clanship

The term clan, now applied almost exclusively to the tribes into which the Scottish Highlanders were formerly, and still to some extent are divided, was also applied to those large and powerful septs into which the Irish people were at one time divided, as well as to the communities of freebooters that inhabited the Scottish borders, each of which, like the Highland clans, had a common surname. Indeed, in an Act of the Scottish Parliament for 1587, the Highlanders and Borderers are classed together as being alike "dependents on chieftains or captains of clans." The border clans, how ever, were at a comparatively early period broken up and weaned from their predatory and warlike habits, whereas the system of clanship in the Highlands continued to flourish in almost full vigour down to the middle of the 18th century. As there is so much of romance surrounding the system, especially in its later manifestations, and as it was the cause of much annoyance to Britain, it has become a subject of interest to antiquarians and students of mankind generally; and as it flourished so far into the historical period, curiosity can, to a great extent, be gratified as to its details and working.

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